ENABLING SECURE InvestmentS in the MEDIA & Entertainment SECTORS

Bravo Multinational Reimagined.



Bravo is embarking on a new chapter and forging a solid foundation through streaming media & technology. Our ad-based platform will serve as the cornerstone for upcoming ventures, strategically uniting all facets of our rapidly growing enterprise: entertainment, media, hospitality, attractions, food and beverage, and beyond.

We firmly believe in the interconnection of lifestyle and entertainment, each amplifying the other’s potential. With a renewed focus on delivering outstanding content and immersive experiences, we’re revolutionizing multimedia by seamlessly integrating across our entire organization. Leveraging our expertise in television, film, music production, live events, immersive attractions, culinary experiences, retail products, and gaming, we’re poised to offer unparalleled, captivating encounters to audiences worldwide.

NEWLY APPOINTED Board of Directors

Grant Cramer
Grant Cramer

CEO & Director

Frank Hagan Producer
Frank Hagan

President & Director

Richard Kaiser
Richard Kaiser

CFO, Secretary & Director

Kayla Slick
Kayla Slick

COO & Director

Josh Vance
Josh Vance


Our Rapid-Growth Strategy

Strategic Partnerships

Unlocking growth opportunities by collaborating with entertainment industry leaders to drive innovation and achieve shared business goals.

Industry Expert Advisors

Accessing expert guidance from our trusted advisors in the entertainment to gain valuable insights and strategic direction to achieve goals and succeed.


Boosting our visibility by leveraging the influence of partnered industry icons to increase credibility and connect with our audiences.


Revolutionizing our digital marketing strategy with cross-pollination across all verticals to amplify our reach, engage new audiences, and elevate our brands.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Maximizing growth potential through strategic acquisitions to expand our content and product lines to reach new heights and stay ahead in the market.


Implementing streaming & media technology as the foundation that leverages OTT, Zero-Latency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality.


Bravo is actively engaged in diligent efforts encompassing development, acquisitions, product launches, and white-labeling opportunities, all strategically orchestrated to invigorate our conglomerate spanning entertainment, media, hospitality, and technology sectors.

Free Streaming Platform

Gearing up to unveil a complimentary streaming platform, set to enter beta testing this upcoming fall, offering an array of beloved television shows, movies, and exclusive original content.

Advertising Opportunities

In the process of establishing a streamlined avenue for advertisers to seamlessly promote their brands on our complimentary platform, ensuring maximum visibility among our user base.

Charitable Binging Program

Actively forging partnerships with non-profit organizations to participate in our groundbreaking give-back initiative, fostering a collaborative approach to creating positive societal impact.

FAST Channel Partnerships

Proactively forming partnerships with content library providers, aiming to establish mutually beneficial revenue-sharing agreements that will enable us to showcase their content.

Kayla Slick
Original Content

Engaged in the development and production of unscripted television content, with the aim of rejuvenating the Reality TV genre, spanning from captivating films and enthralling TV series to thought-provoking docu-series.

Live Event Coverage

Integrating zero-latency features into our platform, enabling real-time live streaming of events that encompass a diverse range, including online courses, sports broadcasts, game streaming, and e-commerce platforms.

Music of All Genres

Securing licenses for a wide spectrum of music genres, ensuring their availability to our user base for both consumption and integration into various production endeavors.

Interesting Podcasts

Crafting podcasts tailored for consumer enjoyment, while also harnessing their potential as a versatile marketing tool to effectively promote our brands, supplement original content, and engage with our audience.

Immersive Attractions

Leveraging iconic brands through strategic investments in immersive attractions across the nation, inviting people to become active participants in the rich experiences we’re creating.

Lifestyle & Beauty Products

Actively engaged in acquiring lucrative brands within the lifestyle sector, spanning skincare to apparel, as part of our strategy to synergistically integrate these assets into our cross-pollination marketing initiatives.

Hospitality: Food & Beverage

Incorporating restaurants centered around our distinctive brands and spirits, leveraging them not only for enhanced distribution but also as powerful platforms for strategic marketing endeavors.

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

Encompassing the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality, with the aim of extending our immersive experiences to audiences wherever they may be.

Join the Entertainment Revolution With Us

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we’re poised to become a leader in our industries and deliver unparalleled value to our customers and partners. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the future – join us today!

A New Era of AD-BASED Streaming

The entertainment industry is ever-evolving, embracing streaming technology and data taking the forefront. Bravo Multinational, Inc. is leading the charge by implementing a AVOD (Advertising-based on Demand) streaming platform, with robust features to improve user metrics and push the boundaries of over-the-top (OTT), FAST Channel adoption, and virtual experiences. 

With our proprietary platform set to launch in Fall 2023, we will start to offer more targeted advertising options, which will show different ads to users based on their viewing history or demographics enabling advertisers to reach a more specific audience, resulting in increased revenues. 

As content creators, we have an opportunity to provide our audience with a personalized and engaging experience, while also creating new and ongoing revenue streams for our company, content library providers, the talent, influencers and partnered non-profits. By staying ahead of the curve and investing in new technology, talent, and multimedia channels, we can shape the future of the streaming industry and create a very profitable and sustainable business model.

“The lifestyle and entertainment industry is in a constant state of disruption. Now more than ever, we are seeing a greater interdependence among these sectors, forming a broader and richer multimedia and entertainment ecosystem. We’re developing a strong vision that encompasses all things lifestyle and entertainment, backed by cutting edge technology and digital media to push the entire industry forward.” 

Grant Cramer, CEO

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